Kamal Hassan want's to re-veal Vishwaroopam First Look at IIFA function

The makers of the film were trying to complete the film so it can be a part of the competitive section at the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. Cannes bent its rules for Kamal Haasan to accommodate his film. A special screening of the film was arranged for Hollywood-based producer Barrie M. Osborne and make-up artist Michael Westmore. Before release, it was reported to have been split into two parts, with each one having a separate release. The first look poster and a teaser of the film were released on May Day 2012 as part of the film's marketing process. The poster consisted of Kamal wearing a green khaki jacket, with a flying pigeon and a skyline of a city consisting of several skyscrapers in the background.Kamal Haasan will share excerpts on Vishwaroopam and first look at the 13th Videocon IIFA Weekend in Singapore on "8th June 2012".