Rozlyn Khan goes topless for Dhoni.

She made news with her special 'IPL photo-shoot' creating ripples across the nation. Rozlyn Khan has now come out in the open with complete support to her favorite IPL team 'Chennai Super Kings' by going topless for Dhoni and his men.

Rozlyn, while live on a National News Channel, seems to have managed to distract team CSK when she announced her offer to do a special Bikini Shoot with Captain Dhoni if his team wins the IPL and make it a hat-trick. "I love the CSK and Dhoni. They are the best. It is evident based on their consistent performances across the editions that it will be very hard to beat them. My dreams have been shattered with the loss; nevertheless I would like to dedicate my affection towards the team. I am sure they will bounce back in next series but before that they will create a history in the Champions League. What I am doing is a small token of appreciation for their efforts," said the scorching beauty before unveiling her topless shoot for the CSK.