Girls Must watch:Want to have body like kareena Kapoor!

Do you want to have a body like Kareena Kapoor-Bebo? We spoke to her dietician to find out her food secrets. Here is Kareena Kapoor's secret formula.

How does Kareena manage to look so sexy and healthy despite her claiming she eats everything? Isn’t that unrealistic?
The only way to look sexy and be healthy is to eat fearlessly. That’s exactly what Kareena does, eats exactly according to her appetite and includes all the local and seasonal delicacies in the diet. Starvation makes one look older and frustrated, the exact opposite of what you would want to achieve with weight loss.

What does it take to get a body like Kareena, what all she did and how?
Discipline and commitment, that's the secret behind Kareena's body. She plans her diet way in advance and ensures that all the logistics of having the right food at the right time is sorted out. She eats in silence and heeds to her stomach's call and eats to a place where she feels light and energetic and not dull and stuffed.

What are the basics anyone should know to attain that level of fitness?
The first thing that one needs to understand is that getting fitter will involve a change in lifestyle and with change comes inconvenience at least initially. So you may no longer have the luxury to make a statement like "so busy, didn’t get the time to eat/ workout". To get fitter you will have to make time.

Is being thin and being healthy are the same thing?
That depends on what methods you adopt to get thin. If you starved to get thin, you won’t just look sick but will get sick too. If you nurtured your appetite, ate often and worked out regularly to get thin, you will look and feel fresh, energetic and healthy.  So healthy is not about size but it’s about how you feel within.

What would be the 10 commandments to attain good health?
1. Never wake up to tea or coffee, eat real food instead, within 10 mins of waking up.
2. Eat every 2 hours to accelerate fat burning.
3. Eat according to the activity levels, more active eat more, less active eat less.
4. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours between the last meal and bedtime.
5. Eat local, think global- Momos in Ladakh, Idli in Kerala, biryani in Hydrebad
6. Portion size - follow the UNO rule and listen to your stomach to identify the right quantity of food at every meal.
7. Food planning - Involve yourself with the process of food growing to ensure that the quality of the food is good, fresh and grown with minimum pesticides and insecticides.
8. Think Beyond calories - stop counting calories and focus on counting your nutrients.
9. Avoid watching TV while having dinner and 1 hour before sleeping.
10. Take regular breaks from work even a weekend holiday works wonders for metabolism.