King Khan Celebrating his 20 years in bollywood!

The date was 25th June 1992. The movie was Deewana. The song was "koi na koi chahiye pyaar karne wala". Shah Rukh Khan entered the Indian Film Industry on that date, in that movie, and with that song.

When Deewana released, no one would have imagined that this ordinary looking man from a lower middle class background with no connections whatsoever in Bollywood will have a meteoric rise and will be called the King of Bollywood 20 years later. It has been 20 magical and marvelous years for the man known as SRK.

In these 20 years he has made us happy and sad, he has made us laugh and cry, he has charmed us, he has entertained us, he has inspired us, he has mesmerized us, he has made our hearts beat faster, and he has made quite many girls swoon and want husbands like him! :) He has played an intense lover, a villain, a romantic hero, a father, a brother, a husband, a son, a sports coach, a scientist, a superhero, and a friend. All with the same intensity and verve.

His popularity goes way beyond the borders of India. He is the face of Bollywood outside India. The Los Angeles Times has called him "the biggest movie star you've never heard of. And perhaps the world's biggest movie star, period." Newsweek has named him "one of 50 most powerful people in the world." He has been voted "the sexiest man in Asia." In a 2012 youth survey for Hindustan Times, he was declared "the biggest role model for youth in India". His list of awards, honours, and recognitions are countless. His global popularity and appeal are unmatched. His fan following is considered to be in billions!

From Deewana to Darr to Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge to Don 2, King Khan has given us many movies to cherish forever. Many of us have grown up watching him!

25th June 1992 to 25th June 2012, and King Khan still rules! As we reach 25th June 2012, here is wishing SRK many more successful years in Bollywood and beyond!

Congratulations King Khan! :)