Mallika Sherawat runs away with Sachin Joshi’s money!

We are tired of publishing negative stories about Mallika Sherawat, but the Hisss actor seems unwilling to stop scaling the heights of histrionics and unprofessional behaviour. And the latest to bear the brunt of Mallika’s erratic mood swings is Sachiin Joshi. The Aazaan actor, we hear, wanted to make a film with Mallika. The film was titled Mumbai Mirror and the leggy lass had agreed to be part of the venture. She signed on the dotted line and had even taken Rs 75 lakh as a signing amount.

Mallika sherawat with sachin joshi
Apparently everything was hunky-dory between the young producer and the sizzling babe before Mallika’s ever-swinging mood changed! Just two days before the shoot started, Mallika came up with unreasonable demands. She asserted that she wanted to be the hero of the movie and wasn’t particularly happy with her role. Left with no option but to find a replacement for Mallika, Joshi found a new actor called Vimla Raman for his film.
A little birdie tells us that when Sachin tried to contact Mallika to return his Rs 75 lakh, she completely ignored his repeated pleas. In fact, the Murder star was happily preening and blowing kisses on the red carpet in Cannes.We hear that Joshi is about to approach the Producers Guild of India and file an official complaint against Mallika now. We hope Sachin’s legal action will change Ms Sherawat’s tune and good sense will prevail in her whimsical head. Till it does, producers need to think twice before having this Haryanvi babe on board.
But then comes a twist in this sordid tale. We hear now that Mallika is fabulously furious with Sachiin Joshi for spreading stories about her greedy and unprofessional behaviour, especially after he was the one who tom-tommed it all over town that the lady had loved his script and was eager to do the film. Our buddy the birdie tells us that Mallika was majorly shocked to hear the stories, since she had just about met Sachiin and heard the synopsis of the film; she had not agreed to do it, but had asked for a complete script.
Now who is cooking up what stories about whom, we cannot tell without knowing more from Mallika and Sachiin alike, but as soon as we do, you will be told!