Satyamev Jayate Episode 5 Review

Ishq par zor nahi, hai ye woh aatish 'Ghalib' ki lagaaye na lageaur bujhaaye na bane....

The fifth episode touched the draconian traditions that revolve around the caste system in India, questioning whether falling in love was actually a crime. The guests included a couple who are facing the danger of death for eloping and getting married, relatives of those murdered for merely loving a person, members of a khap panchyat and the chief of ‘Love Commandoes’.

While each episode opens with Aamir questioning the audience on their opinion about the relevant issue, this Sunday’s episode started on a hatke note. A girl from the audience counter-questioned the superstar about his opinion on Ishq i.e. love. Aamir was quick to answer with a touch of humor.

First case:
Fehmeeda and Lokendra who eloped from a village in Jhansi and got married revealed how they have been living in fear since over two years. A surprising fact that they highlighted was how the servants of law, the cops, play a role in supporting families who threaten to kill their own daughters/sons in the name of honour..

Second case:
The next case is Kishwar Rahman he spoke about how her son was ruthlessly murdered by his Hindu wife’s family, that was astonishingly ruled as a case of suicidal death by the cops

Third case:
The third case highlighted a gruesome end to a love story. The case of Manoj and Babli has been in news since past four years. This well-known case of khap panchayat has initiated a number of debates on the issue of same-caste marriage. Manoj and Babli, a jaat couple belonging to the same ‘gotra’ went against their families and got married. The couple fought in the court to prove that Manoj had not kidnapped Babli..

Aamir also highlighted the story of a family who overcame the societal pressure and accepted their daughter after she got married to a boy from another caste.

The episode, however, failed to present facts about these cases. Recently, Parineeti Chopra and Arjun Kapoor starrer Ishaqzaade highlighted this issue on the 70mm screen. One can certainly hope the media takes the hint and pay more attention to cases around the country that have been conveniently slipped under the rug.

Rating: 3.5/5