Salman Khan reveals Dabbang 2 secrets.

 Salman Khan clarifies that "Dabangg 2" is not a copy of the first film and the audience should start realize it as a movie from the interval scene of the movie itself.

 "It's not the same. We are not copying and giving you the same picture. It's a different film," he said.

"Dabbang is a entertainer genre in which the sequel is going to be of same genre" said this Bollywood muscular hero. He recently launched the new trailer of the movie which comprises of single bit song with Kareena Kapoor as starrer. It is the item number in this movie.

 "Consider part one ('Dabangg') as the one before interval and this ('Dabangg 2') as after the interval," he added. Earlier, the actor launched the promo of the new film.
          Asked why he chose to promote "Dabangg 2" on "Bigg Boss", he said: "I am the host of 'Bigg Boss'. Wherever I get time and wherever the channel feels that 'Dabangg 2' promotions can be done, they do it." 

Directed by Arbaaz Khan, "Dabangg 2" also features Sonakshi Sinha and is slated for a Dec 21 release.